Car Parking

The main car park is located inside the main entrance at the Harrold entrance to the Park. In the event of this being full, there is an overspill car park that is accessible only from this same entrance. Please note that this car park closes at 5:00pm every day and is locked.

Unlike most other Country Parks, there is no charge for car parking. However, we do operate a donation system and suggest a minimum donation of £1 per car. There is a (locked) donation box in the car park and one in the Visitor Centre. The money collected goes towards enhancing the Park for visitors and wildlife.

If you have enjoyed your visit, why not put some extra money in the box to help us improve the Park for you and wildlife?

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Opening Hours

The Park is open to visitors 365 days a year. This also applies to the main car park but not to the overspill car park which closes at 5:00pm each day.

For details of the Dragonfly café opening hours, please click here.

The Park is owned and managed by Bedford Borough Council. The Friends of Harrold-Odell Country Park work in partnership with Council staff and run this web site.

Emergencies should be reported to the staff or direct to the appropriate emergency service.

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