2022 Calendar


13th January              Health Walk                          more

27th January              Health Walk                          more

31st January              Conservation Task Day        more


10th February             Health Walk                          more

24th February            Health Walk                          more

28th February            Conservation Task Day        more


10th March                 Health Walk                          more

24th March                Health Walk                          more

28th March                Conservation Task Day        more


7th April                      Health Walk                          more

21st April                    Health Walk                          more

25th April                   Conservation Task Day        more

27th April                   Friends of HOCP meeting    more


5th May                      Health Walk                          more

19th May                    Health Walk                          more

30th May                   Conservation Task Day        more


2nd June                   Health Walk                          more

16th June                  Health Walk                          more

27th June                 Conservation Task Day        more

30th June                 Health Walk                          more


14th July                   Health Walk                          more

25th July                  Conservation Task Day        more

28th July                  Health Walk                          more


11th August              Health Walk                          more

22nd August            Conservation Task Day        more

25th August             Health Walk                          more


8th September        Health Walk                          more

22nd September     Health Walk                          more

26th September     Conservation Task Day        more


6th October             Health Walk                          more

20th October           Health Walk                          more

31st October           Conservation Task Day        more


3rd November         Health Walk                          more

17th November        Health Walk                          more

28th November       Conservation Task Day        more


1st December           Health Walk                          more

15th December        Health Walk                          more

19th December         Conservation Task Day      more

29th December       Health Walk                          more


Opening Hours

The Park is open to visitors 365 days a year. This also applies to the main car park but not to the overspill car park which closes at 5:00pm each day.

For details of the Dragonfly café opening hours, please click here.

The Park is owned and managed by Bedford Borough Council. The Friends of Harrold-Odell Country Park work in partnership with Council staff and run this web site.

Emergencies should be reported to the staff or direct to the appropriate emergency service.

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