Trevor Sudds

Alan FosterTrevor Sudds is one of the extremely active volunteers who form the core of the Friends who have a high impact on the Park environment. This is the group that built the bike parking area, installed the spiling around the Grebe Lake and who regularly open up areas of the Park to encourage re-generation of plant life, to name just a few of their projects.

Trevor retired from the highly specialist field of optical engineering about four years ago. With his family Trevor had been visiting the Park on a regular basis, taking advantage of its tranquillity and facilities for growing children. On retirement, he approached the Park Warden, Richard Dowsett, to find out if there was anything he could do to put something back into the Park. The rest is, as they say, history.

In addition to his other volunteering work, Trevor is our 'photographer in residence'. He supplies this Newsletter with its cover photo and those used in the regular feature  'A Day in the Park'.

Trevor will tell you that in the past three years he has enjoyed the company of like-minded people working in the open air. He has had a lot of fun, and in the process, learned a whole range of new skills. After a career indoors, the environment of the Park has provided an enjoyable culture change in retirement.



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