Bob Collyer

Alan FosterBob became a volunteer in the Park some three years ago upon his retirement from the construction industry. Previous to this, he had been a fairly regular visitor to the Park with his partner and had greatly admired how the environment was maintained. Bob realised that this could not have been achieved by two staff on their own.

Responding to a notice in the Park, he joined a loyal band of volunteers from very different backgrounds. Since then he has been a regular member of the team of Friends who meet in the Park every Monday throughout the year. Collectively they have used their skills, labour and enthusiasm to make a difference.

As a volunteer, Bob has reconstructed hedges, trimmed trees, cut up logs, burned off scrub, planted trees and helped to build spiling around the edge of Grebe Lake. He enjoys working with groups of like-minded people and directing his enthusiasm to the tasks identified by the professional staff. Like many of the volunteers he has benefited from the funding provided by the Friends of the Park for training. In his own words, "Being a volunteer has been good for the Park and it's been good for me"

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