Park Management

The Country Park to is owned and managed by Bedford Borough Council. The management policy is carried out so that it balances recreational use with the needs of wildlife. The Park is managed on a day-to-day basis by Park Rangers who are available to provide assistance and information to visitors. They are also responsible for the implementation of management strategies. In this work they are assisted by Friends of the Park who volunteer for practical tasks and by Community Service people.

The busiest areas of the Park have surfaced paths which are kept wide and open to cope with the number of visitors and ensure easy access for everyone.

Other areas, such as the Nature Reserve are quieter and managed primarily for the wildlife. This are in particular has been left to develop naturally. However, in the winter of 2010/11 thinning and re-planting of trees took place, with 180 native species planted notably in the heavily coppiced areas. 

A copy of the Management Plan for the Park, updated in January 2011, can be viewed by clicking here.